Proper grooming is important to maintaining healthy skin and coat. Grooming your pet has many benefits beyond aesthetics. O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital’s grooming services include brushing, shampoo, trim and/or shave, and trimming nails. Our expert groomers are also trained to recognize suspicious conditions that can also then be reported to your pet’s veterinarian.

Regular grooming not only results in a shiny, healthy-looking, well-cared for coat, it is often the first line of defense in discovering and treating certain skin conditions, diseases, infections, and infestations such as fleas or mites. Dogs in particular have specific grooming and skin care needs. Coat length may need to be trimmed to accommodate for various seasons. Short-hair breeds also benefit from regular grooming, to address their own unique skin and coat needs. Is your beloved canine an active, outdoor adventurer? They may need more frequent grooming visits, as their coat tends to get dirty and matted more often.

Our grooming staff will provide an enjoyable, stress-free experience for your pet. We’ll also demonstrate and instruct you on how to take care of your pet’s grooming needs at home between appointments.