Laser Surgery

If your pet requires surgery, O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital offers laser surgery in addition to traditional surgery as a possible option for your pet’s procedure. Laser surgery uses the intensive beam of light of a laser as a surgical instrument. It is used most frequently in veterinary medicine to spay or neuter. Laser light seals nerve endings and results in less bleeding, which not only speeds surgery, but also means less post-operative pain. It doesn’t press or crush on tissue, which results in less post-operative swelling than traditional surgery, and sterilizes the surgical area, lowering infection risk.

Laser surgery isn’t without risk – in some cases tissue may be slower to heal from laser surgery than traditional surgery. Your pet also doesn’t understand recovery time - with less pain they may feel like getting back to their regular activities too soon before they body is ready.

Your O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital veterinarian is fully skilled in the use of laser surgery. If your pet requires a surgical procedure, discuss the possibility of laser surgery with your O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital veterinarian.