Are your dog grooming habits draining you? Having a stressed out or unresponsive pet during grooming time can be frustrating. We have some common questions about grooming and some answers to make your life a little easier when keeping your pet clean. Of course, if you have any further questions about dog grooming, our team is here to help!

Calming your dog’s nerves during grooming.

Going to the groomer’s can give your dog anxiety, but we can help! The issues come from your dog not being used to the noises of being groomed, as well as being touched in sensitive areas. To make this go smoothly for your pet, be sure to train your pet to enjoy being touched in sensitive areas and make it a positive experience. Rub your dog’s ears, say “ears,” and then reward them with a treat. The next time they’re at the groomers, having their ears and other areas touched will be a good thing!

Making bath time a more enjoyable experience.

Tired of bath time being a struggle? We’ve all been there. It all starts with how you present bath time to your dog. Rewarding good behavior, remaining calm, and being gentle and loving will make sure your dog loves bath time, every time. Bath time often goes badly when we chase our dogs, catch them, and throw them into the tub. Remember, be calm and use soothing tones with your dog.

Keeping your home free of dog fur.

You love brushing your dog’s coat, right? However, sometimes it can lead to hair being all over the house! Try this: once a day, take your dog outside and brush their hair for one minute. It will be some nice, quality time for you and your pet, and you’ll be able to leave that hair outside instead of on your floors!

Yes, you can blow-dry your dog.

Now that you know that you can blow-dry your dog after a bath, we do have some tips to make it an enjoyable experience. First, be sure that the blow dryer is on the lowest temperature possible. Next, be sure to keep the blow-dryer at least a few inches away from your pet so that you do not burn them. Finally, be sure to keep the blow-dryer moving for maximum drying!

Nail trimming can be a positive experience!

You are not alone; most dogs do not like getting their nails trimmed! Just like training your dog to go potty outside, sit, or roll over, it’s all about how you train them. Bring out the nail clipper, praise your dog and give them a treat. Cut a nail, praise the dog, and give them a treat. Keep up with the praise of all things involving trimming their nails, and they’ll eventually be happy to see you pull them out, trust us! This will solve what is likely the biggest of your dog grooming issues!

A clean dog is a happy dog! We sure do hope that these grooming tips help you and your pet get on the same page when it comes to getting and staying clean! We’re here to help if you have any questions.