Our Team

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Meet Our Doctors

Meet our team of professionals that will be providing quality care for your pets.

Dr. Amy James's Bio

Dr. Amy James received her B.S. in Animal Science from Louisiana State University before continuing her education in the field of veterinary medicine, earning her D.V.M. degree in 2010. While she will be able to care for and treat your pet for any illness, injury, or prescribe preventative measures, her interests include Dermatology and Clinical Pathology, and that, along with her love of animals and dedication, makes her such a valuable asset to the O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital team. Amy is a member of local, state, and national veterinary associations – BRAVMALVMA, and AVMA. In her downtime, Amy enjoys reading, walking, hiking, and watching movies, in addition to caring for her four elkhounds and an orange tabby at home.

Dr. John “Mike” Stacy's Bio

Dr. John “Mike” Stacy, D.V.M., is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Mike received his degree in 1999, specializing in small and mixed breed animal medicine. Mike’s particular interests and expertise in veterinary medicine include small animal medicine, Soft Tissue Surgery, Radiology and Ophthalmology; he is especially dedicated to working with you, the pet owner, to help you understand your pet’s often complex health issues. Mike is a member of local, state, and national veterinary associations – BRAVMA, LVMA and AVMA. With Mike’s experience in the field of veterinary medicine, your pet will receive the best medical treatment and quality preventative care at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital.

Mike is married to Dr. Diane Stacy, and they have two children, Jeffrey and Patricia, and two rescue dogs, Baxter (a.k.a. Drools) and Alley E. Gator. Mike is an outdoors enthusiast in his spare time and is an avid fisherman and gardener; he can also fix anything Dr. Diane and/or the staff can break.

Dr. Brianna Villaseñor Bio
We are excited to welcome Dr. Brianna Villaseñor to the O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital. She graduated from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in May 2021. She has been interning with us since June 2021. Her interests include soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. She will begin seeing appointments on August 16th. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. V, please call 225-273-0579.

Our Staff

Meagan's Bio

Meagan is our office manager and also became a registered Veterinary Technician in 2016. She enjoys veterinary surgery and dental work. She has 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a bearded dragon at home.

Susie's Bio

Susie is our Senior Veterinary Assistant, and she is the reason they came up with the phrase, “dynamite comes in small packages.” She has 4 dogs, 6 cats, 2 rabbits, and 2 pet squirrels at home.

Alyssa's Bio

Alyssa is one of our lead Veterinary Assistants. She enjoys painting, and you can check out her painting of Dr. Mike’s pug, Baxter, in our waiting room. She has 2 cats and 1 dog at home.

Donna's Bio
Donna is one of our vet assistants and has been with us for four years. She particularly enjoys grooming and bathing. She has 14 dogs and 4 cats at home.
Madison's Bio

Madison is our kennel manager and helps keep your pet healthy and happy while staying in our kennels. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is dental work, and she loves bathing animals in the kennels. She enjoys painting and has 1 dog and 2 cats at home.

Nikki's Bio

Nikki is one of our kennel technicians/veterinary assistants; she is here to make sure your fur babies get walked, fed, and loved while they are boarding with us. She is attending LSU for a degree in animal sciences. She has 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 3 pet rats at home.

Veronica's Bio

Veronica is our newest employee. She enjoys gardening and learning new things about veterinary medicine. She has 2 cats and 3 dogs at home.

Reagan's Bio

Reagan is our newest kennel technician/Veterinary Assistant and will help keep your pet healthy and happy while they are here. She is excited to be working in a vet clinic for the first time and looks forward to learning everything she can. She has three dogs at home.

Smudge's Bio

Smudge is our clinic cat. He works to save lives by being a feline blood donor. His favorite things are laying on a warm dryer, burrowing in fresh laundry, and eating.