We hope these Halloween pet safety tips help friends in the Brodheadsville, PA area and beyond! With all of the excitement surrounding the holiday, sometimes we forget about the stress and dangers it brings into our pet’s lives. We have a few Halloween pet safety tips to help your pet make it through October 31st without incident this year!

1. Socialize your dog well before Halloween.

Halloween brings people to the streets and your front door, be sure to socialize them with other pets and individuals throughout the year. Once they get used to people, noises, and the possibility of other animals being near your home, your pet can remain relaxed instead of stressed out.

2. Keep your pets away from candy!

It may seem obvious to keep your pets away from Halloween candy, but it’s important to make all members of your family aware of the dangers of your pet getting ahold of some candy. This is the largest Halloween pet safety tip we can give you. Dark chocolate and other sugar substitutes can be very toxic and even fatal for your pet. It’s not just the candy that can pose a problem; wrappers can get stuck inside your pet’s stomach and intestines, causing real problems.

3. Watch those candles and open flames.

When we think of Halloween, we think of spooky decorations, candles, and open fires. Humans know the dangers associated with fire, but pets may not. Be sure to keep lit candles blocked from your pet and out of their range to avoid burns or other health problems.

4. Your pet should have an ID on at all times. 

With the excitement of the holiday, new visitors to the home, and doors opening and closing, pets can go missing much easier than usual. Be sure that they are wearing a form of identification in case something should happen. Also be sure to make sure your pet is microchipped, and the information is up to date.

We do hope these Halloween pet safety tips help keep you and your family members happy and healthy during the holiday. If you have any further questions, please contact us!