Winter is here, and the temperature is dropping! We’re here to help you keep your pets safe and healthy during the cold winter months. When it gets cold outside, it’s best to take extra precautions to keep your pets safe.

  • When the temperature drops, make sure to bring your pets inside. Even if they’re used to being outside often, the cold weather can cause hypothermia and other health issues.
  • Walk them when the sun is out! Any chance you can get some extra warmth while your dog is outside, it’s a good thing!
  • Colder weather brings dry skin! Try adding skin and coat supplements, fish oil, or coconut oil to your pet’s diet to keep them moisturized.
  • Some people think more food means more weight, leading to more layers for your pet to combat the cold. Purposely adding more weight to your pet is not a healthy choice.
  • Hydration is important during the cold weather months, be sure to monitor your pet’s water intake and make sure they’re drinking enough.
  • Dog’s paws can suffer from walking on the cold or frozen ground beneath them, as well as antifreeze and salt meant to melt snow. There are remedies if they suffer from dry or cracking paws.
  • Antifreeze and winter salts are toxic to your pet, make sure they do not lick the ground where these things are present. Be mindful that snow could have come down and covered it on the ground when your pets try to eat snow.
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the car! Just like you shouldn’t leave your dog alone in a hot car, the same could be said for a cold car.
  • Be mindful of senior pets on slick surfaces and be sure to manage their exercise routine when the temperatures drop.

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year, but it’s also important to think of how it affects our pets. If you have any questions about keeping your pets happy and healthy during the winter months, please contact us!